Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake

Those of you who've known me for a while, know that I once ate a hamster snack.

Dried papaya, people! It was freaking teeny tiny. It looked really good, and, well, it was. Shut up. Emily and I both did it, and it was really yummy and probably had fewer chemicals and perservatives than it would have if it was people food.

So, I came home from work tonight at 10pm. I was SO hungry, and I had nothing in the house. I ended up having soup and stale crackers. The small piece of chocolate I found was not enough to save the meal from being completely and utterly boring.

Anyway, I say this all to explain why this new bag of hamster snacks, called "Fruity Clouds Small Animal Treats," looks so damn yummy. I have NOT tried them. Yet.

Ingredients: sucrose, dehydrated egg whites. artifical flavors, color added.

Ok, it's not exactly health food. But, is it really any worse than McDonalds or some sweet latte? I think not. I haven't tried the snack, though. I'm just saying, you know? Just a little known fact that now you know.

(and, for no good reason, here's a picture of Ms. Sinead in my bathroom)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TWO Cute!

Two new hamsters were dropped off at the NYHH this morning.

I think you will agree that they are ridiculously adorable.

They kind of look like a two-headed fluff monster here, but they are actually two separate hamsters. A long-time NYHH supporter (and board member) named Jody adopted one of the sisters this afternoon. The other gal, Fiona, is settling in to the NYHH and getting used to her new, super-fast wheel and huge cage. I have no doubt she'll be adopted soon, as she is so cute I could just eat her up.

Except that I am vegetarian. But you know what I mean...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gotham: The Big Hamster?

Let's see.

Nearly 24 hours since the Times article went up.

Emails received: Over 100

Hamsters adopted: 0 (though, two offers)

Hamsters looking for a home: 2

Gerbils looking for a home: 5+

Compliments on el articleo: many

Generous donations received: one

Subsequent press:
Washington Heights and Inwood Online

Number of hamsters currently running on their wheels: eleven

Awww :) What a wonderful world.

One is the Lonelinest Number

I think may be the only one reading this blog. But that's ok.

I mean, really, how much demand can I expect for a hamster-themed blog? Maybe I should throw in sex, and WMDs, and two-for-one drinks?

OR, I could just post a few pictures of the newest hamster house resident. He came to us named Buster, but I told my web designer that since the NYHH site is so freaking gorgeous and perfect, she can re-christen him.

Sara: here he is. A cute little nibbler who likes sunflower seeds and spontaneously pooping on my hand. Hot, right?

That's the little guy on my coffee table.

And here he is, bravely attacking a twig in front of my pictures from Reykjavik.

Let the naming begin!

Cynical Schminical

I tried to write a cynical, jaded post about this, but I can't.

The New York Times article.

Lively and articulate? Gentle blue eyes?

I love it. And the hamsters love it, too.

Carrots and sunflower seeds to all the hamsters now. And haagen dazs to me.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Michael Bloomberg

Pardon the unruly meta-ness, but one of my hamsters has been blogged about.

By someone other than me, I mean.

The blog is from the City Cynic and is dated May 10, 2006. As you can see, Michael Bloomberg the hamster is famous.

As told the NYT reporter on Tuesday, I think it would be really cool if Michael Bloomberg the Mayor came up to the NYHH and adopted Michael Bloomberg the hamster. I can see the headlines already: "Bloomberg adopts Self."

Sigh. A girl can dream, right?

In other news, the rodentia Hizzoner called for stricter animal welfare laws and urged New Yorkers to eat more carrots, seeds, and toilet paper tubes.

The Kaiser

Wilhelm is a little cranky tonight because I woke him up this morning at 7am, pried his eyes open (literally--he still has that crusty eye problem that necessitates daily eyedrops) and made him pose for pictures for the Manhattan Times article.

Poor little guy. He was NOT amused, although the carrot went a long way in placating him.

Sinead and Killer and the French girls are going nuts running right now.

But it's time for mama to sleep. Nighty night, y'all.