Tuesday, January 30, 2007

One Hamster Two Hamster Red Hamster Blue Hamster

The New York Hamster House has some friends who have adopted more than one hamster. I don't mean someone who comes and adopts three at once. I mean the people who come back multiple times, because once they see the pleasure and rewards of adopting an animal, they just want to help more and more. Sometimes they have many at once, sometimes they come back to replenish after the loss of a loved hamster. Anyway, between Jody and Consuelo and the Cooney's and David & Mika, many many hamsters have found loving homes with people who know a great deal--often more than I--about hamster care. I love my repeat adopters :)

David and Mika, who live downtown, are currently caring for four NYHH adoptees, and they sent me this lovely link full of pictures and videos of the darlings. Check it out, and see how much fun adopting a New York Hamster House resident can be!

Monday, January 29, 2007


Calling all New York Hamster House fans and friends... The second Wilhelm Day will be held this Sunday, February 4th, from noon to 4pm. All are invited!

Please come by if you would like to adopt a hamster.
Or if you want to play with the NYHH hamsters.
Or to show off your own hamster or other pet!
Or to help clean cages and organize supplies.

I will supply light snacks and adorable hamsters. You will supply hamster love, kindness, and excitement. Donations (paper towels, hamster supplies, money) are much appreciated!

If you need directions, please email me here. If you are coming, PLEASE let me know so I know what to expect. Thanks so much, and see you on Sunday!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Magnify LOVES the Hamster House!

Steve at Magnify Video is AWESOME. Super, duper awesome.

The New York Hamster House "channel" at Magnify is featured on their home page, complete with a special page just about the hamsters. Click here to view Magnify's home page, and here to see the NYHH spotlight page.

Magnify is super cool cause you can get videos from all the different sites online (youtube, google, etc) and then condense them into a very customizable, personal site. And as you can see, they really support and promote the people who use them. Hooray for Steve and the whole Magnify gang, and thanks for throwing the hamsters a bone. I mean, a hamster treat :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Je ne BREED pas.

(Schnarffles and Jessica)

I would have thought that it would be obvious that I (both personally, and on behalf of the NYHH) am against breeding hamsters and other animals. Certainly, it would be obvious that someone who runs a shelter would not participate in such activities, right?

Apparently not. Cause I just got the following email:

So i have three hamsters, 2 syrian, and 1 dwarf, all males. Is there a chance i can temporarily borrow a female hamster to breed with one of my hamsters?

Here was my response:

The reason I had to open the hamster house is because of people who adopt pets they later don't want to care for, and because of people who breed their hamsters and then can't take care of all the babies that result. Hamsters often have eight to ten babies in a litter, all of whom need to be correctly sexed and then raised (in separate cages, if they are syrians). Hamsters can also get pregnant very quickly after birth, which means if you aren't careful, you can rapidly go from having two hamsters to having thirty.

In short, the New York Hamster House is completely against the breeding of animals when there are so many animals in need at shelters (like the NYHH) and pet stores.

So, I'm sorry, but I can't help you out. I urge you not to breed any more hamsters--if you love them, then go to a shelter or store and adopt ones that are already living and who need good forever homes. Don't add to the problem, fix it.

Founder, New York Hamster House

I was trying to be polite, and also not too angry, because one never knows whom an email is from or to whom they might forward my response. When speaking on behalf of the NYHH, I should be diplomatic, polite, and understanding, while holding firm to my principles.

But... COME ON!!!! The whole reason that shelters exist is 1) to take in animals who need homes and 2) to find homes for animals who need them. No where in that mandate does it say "make the problem worse by enabling people to create more animals who are most likely unwanted." And even if this person does really want more than ten hamsters, then he or she should come and adopt them from a shelter (like me!)!

In short, the New York Hamster House is NOT a stud farm, nor do we do "loaners."

Our goal is to find safe, forever homes for hamsters. Period.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Return of the Jedi--I mean, Hamster House :)

I know that the NYHH has been a bit incognito of late. But don't worry--despite our lack of web presence, we've had over twenty-five hamsters come in over the past month (and have adopted out between ten or fifteen).

Currently, the New York Hamster House has over twenty hamsters looking for homes. Syrians, dwarfs, male, female, young and old--we've got it all. Spread the word that we have hamsters looking for forever homes.

I'm realizing that the New York Hamster House needs help. Help with cleaning cages, doing data entry, and maintaining the NYHH website, the blog, and the petfinder site. I need to come up with a schedule, and figure out exactly what I need. And then I will be posting right here, looking for help. An intern, maybe, paid if I can swing it. If not, volunteers.

Step one is that I'm going to promote another Wilhelm Day, on Sunday February 4th from noon to 4pm. I'm inviting people over to adopt hamsters, to play with the ones I already have, and to help me do some hamster house work. Feel free to bring fresh veggie treats (for the hammies) or paper towels (to help clean the cages)... We can't wait to see you!

If you'd like to come to Wilhelm Day Part Two, send me an email and let me know. I'm happy to provide directions if you need them.

Founder, New York Hamster House