Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Home at the Hamster House

I'm back, guys! Though the trip to Vegas (and Joshua Tree, and the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Walnut Creek and Sunset Canyon National Parks, and the Hoover Dam) was wonderful and relaxing, I'm sad to report that I did not win a million dollars in Vegas which would have allowed me to quit my job and take care of the hamsters full time. Oh well...

Miss Ashley took VERY good care of the munchkins while I was gone... and here's the proof!

I came home see the adorable Lenny Briscoe, Tia and Mia, Sugar, Booger, Lucy and Snow White, Marilyn, Phil, and Elizabeth... all happy as can be, and making an ungodly racket running in their wheels. Ahh, it's good to be home at the loud, crowded Hamster House :)

This weekend, I may be getting a group of Black Bear syrians from upstate (from Claudie's Westchester Hamster McMansions) and maybe even some syrians from the Indianapolis Humane Society... if so, I'm going to have a lot of adoptions to set up very soon. Wish me and the hamsters good luck :)