Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eurohamster Insanity

A friend of the Hamster House, Katie from Seattle, recently sent word that a grocery store in Amsterdam has a crazy eurohamster mascot. See?

Here's Katie's own photograph from the store she visited:

Two things: 1) Why aren't there any stores in the US that have acrobatic, tooth-baring hamsters as their mascots? 2) Oh, I see. Because it is scary. Who knew?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NYHH loves Inwoodite!

I've been reading Inwoodite (a blog about Inwood, the neighborhood where the NYHH is located in upper Manhattan) for about six months, since it launched. And today, guess who they mention???

That's right, New York Hamster House!

See, it all started when I got an email from Beth, a student at Columbia's Journalism School. She wanted some info about Inwood, and I was happy to share with her what I knew. She obviously did a lot of other research and ended up writing a wonderful piece about Inwood--the history, demographics, highlights and issues. You can find it here. In fact, she's done a bunch of reporting on Inwood, which can all be found here. At any rate, Inwoodite linked to Beth's blog, and the rest is history :)

Thanks, Inwoodite and Beth, for the links and publicity!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank You, Lenny Briscoe!

One year ago today, a guy named Joe came to my apartment to adopt a hamster named Lenny Bricsoe. It started as a hamster adoption, and ended as a date! And a year later, we are still together... and very happy.

So, thank you, Lenny, for bringing us together! Tonigh, you get EXTRA hamster snacks.....