Tuesday, December 12, 2006

RIP Killer & Sinead

Last night, sisters Killer and Sinead passed away in my hands--Killer at 4am, and Sinead near 10am. I was really happy to be there when it happened, and to know that just days before, Killer was running happily in her wheel, and Sinead was blissfully attacking walnuts and peanuts. They were sick, but I think they were still living a good life right up till the end.

I got Killer, Whale and Sinead a long, long while ago, over a year and a half--and I know that they were perhaps 6 months to a year old at the time. They all had good lives--Whale passed away in January, from breast cancer, and now Sinead and Killer have died, both with fairly large canceous tumors and Cushing's disease. But they had good, long hamster years of playing in the NYHH playground and eating my remote control and chewing on books and tables and mail and my fingers.

I will really miss them. They brought me a lot of joy and happiness.