Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Hamster Halloween!

All of the hamsters at the Hamster House send spooky Halloween greetings to our supporters and friends out there! I assume you are all dressing up as hamsters tomorrow night?

Here's one recently adopted hamster who is already in costume for you all to enjoy:

Don't you love Ky's Cheerleading Hamster? So cute!!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Artistic Hamster!

A hamster that I got through Claudie, the Hamster Whisperer, was just adopted by the cutest, most artistic couple! I am so excited for this hamster's artsy, wonderful new home!

Here's a photo they sent me of the little guy. It reminds me of something that would be in Vogue (except for the hamster part), and I'd say "argh, you can hardly see the stupid dress that they are advertising!" I realize this sounds like a complaint, but what I am trying to say is that this photo is very glamorous and stylized, and I love it.

Here's mom's website, and here's dad's website. Clearly, this hamster will learn how to sew, draw, paint, and be awesome. And I'll be able to say I knew him when!

AWwwwwww :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update from Hamplosion and Hamdoption

Somehow, magically, you have all helped me adopt out most of the babies from last month's hamplosion. I am down to a reasonable amount, and can actually walk around my living room again without tripping on hambabies!

Though only about 5 animals were adopted out on Wilhelm Day, since then I have adopted out nearly 20 more, including not only the babies but also new ones who have come in.

Three ornery hamsters were sent for hamster boot-camp in Westchester with Claudie the Hamster Whisperer, and in exchange I took in three hamsters from her who have since been adopted out. Right now, I have about 12-18 animals at home, including hamsters and gerbils.

My home computer is currently dead, so I'm unable to update the website (if anyone has a Mac, it's showing a blank grey screen with a blinking face and folder with a question mark), but as soon as I get it back from Tekserve I will update with new photos of the current residents of the New York Hamster House.

Until then, go out and buy some Cute Overload calendars, featuring Sinead, Killer, and Whale. So cute! (see previous post for details)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm a Calendar Girl!!!!

Cute Overload has a 2009 calendar out, and guess who is featured on Monday, August 17th? 

None other than Whale, Killer, and Sinead, from their infamous "nude remote control" session... photographed by yours truly, of course! Take a gander: 

I love that while I had no control over what the caption said, it has the little munchkins arguing over three shows that I actually watch :) At least they weren't flipping back and forth between Fox News and some reality show.... That's right, the New York Hamster House residents are a classy bunch! 

You should probably buy some of these calendars, if you are the calendar type. They are available, like, everywhere...,,, etc., and they really are ridiculously cute. So cute, I already ate January, just so I could stop staring at how cute it was. Ouch. 

Or better yet, buy a bunch of calendars, and then send a donation to the Hamster House when you see what great advice I gave you! Ta-dum! 

Ok, now to bed. 


Thursday, August 28, 2008

HAMDOPTION 2008 / Wilhelm Day!

It's time for the third annual Wilhelm Day, named after the hamster who inspired me to found the New York Hamster House over THREE years ago! In those three years, we've adopted out over FIVE HUNDRED hamsters (and assorted other cuties), finding them safe and happy forever homes.

HAMDOPTION 2008 is taking place on Sunday, September 7th, from noon to 4pm. The goal is to adopt out as many hamsters as possible into homes with loving families. If you are looking to adopt a hamster, please stop by that day! And if you know friends, family, or neighbors who are looking for a pet that is easy to care for and fun to play with, please tell them to come to HAMDOPTION 2008 / Wilhelm Day!

I will have between 20-30 baby syrian hamsters (brown, white, cream, peach, and banded) ready for adoption that day, along with some dwarf hamsters and gerbils. Right now, the hamster house is FULL, which means that the more hamsters I adopt out, the more I can continue to take in and find homes for.

When: Sunday, September 7th, from noon to 4pm
Where: New York Hamster House, located in Inwood (upper Manhattan)
How: A train to 190th, 1 train to Dyckman, or easily by car or cab
Why: To adopt the awesomest, cutest hamster ever! 

If you'd like to come the Wilhelm Day, please let me know and I will be happy to email you directions. If you want to come but aren't looking to adopt, no worries--you can come by and help clean cages, or organize supplies. And if you can't come during those times but want to adopt, email me ( and let me know. 

Please, spread the word about this adoption day! Come on down and get yourself a hamster!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bowls of Babies!

Life is intruding on my web-update time, so I'm taking the lazy route and instead posting up the pics of the new babies on the blog. Don't hate me!

Anyway, here are the new babies. They will be ready for adoption SOON--early September. Two more posts to come this week will include 1) other adoptable hamsters and gerbils and 2) information about the upcoming HAMDOPTION 2008, aka Wilhelm Day, to be held at the Hamster House on September 7th. Mark your calendars!

Anyway, without further ado, the babies:

The 9 babies from litter #1 (born ~August 6th).

The 8 babies from litter #2 (born ~August 10th):

The 5 babies from litter #3 (born ~August 12th):
(note their size relative to the clothes pin on the blanket!)

Get ready for Hamdoption 2008 / Wilhelm Day, because as you can see there is enough cute to go around!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh Baby!

About two weeks ago, I took in seven young syrian hamsters from a man who had rescued them in the Bronx. They had been abandoned outside the Bronx Zoo--as many animals are, which makes no sense because the zoo doesn't take them in or anything. However, this guy actually does quite often take in the animals he finds left out in the cold or heat.

Anyway. So this guy finds seven hamsters wandering around--no cage, no water, no food, no shelter, on a really insanely hot NYC day. He took them in, and separated them by gender, hoping that none were pregnant. He then brought them down to the Hamster House, and I took them all in.

Then I had a whirlwind two weeks, during which I had new windows installed, my boyfriend moved in, and I went on a week-long vacation to San Francisco. My wonderful neighbor J watched the hamsters while I was gone and did a great job, giving them water and food and making sure that no one escaped.

However, when I came home and went to clean the cages... I found not ONE, not TWO, but THREE brand-new litters of babies. THREE LITTERS OF TEN BABIES EACH. In case you haven't learned multiplication yet, that means I now have thirty babies to deal with. I took pictures of two of the litters, but by the third litter I just wanted to cry.

Litter One (born ~August 6th)

Litter Two (born ~August 10th)

Needless to say, they are not yet ready for adoption. I'm guessing that they will be weaned off mama by the end of this month, at which time I will separate them by sex. They can then stay that way until they start fighting, which could be one week later or could be a month later. At that time, they will each need their own cage, wheel, food and water. THIRTY hamster setups. It's not that I don't have extra cages--I do have some. But.... I can't afford, in time, money, or space, to have that many hamsters.

I thereby announce a HUGE HAMSTER ADOPTION PARTY to be held in late August or early September. I'll post more details as I have them, but MAN, will I need your guys' help to promote this and to get people to come and adopt!

Wish me luck :)