Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UPDATE on Eurohamster Insanity

As per my new friend in the Netherlands, Sander, it turns out that there is not just ONE European hamster-mascotted grocery store, but a whole CHAIN of them. Apparently, they are called Albert Hein, and there are about 700 stores with grinning, crazy hamster signs.

Some weeks of the year, they have "Hamster Weken" (hamster weeks), wherein prices are dropped and they have special deals.

Lucky for you all, I found some Hamster Weken commercials online on youtube. They are BRILLIANT. Check it out, especially at the beginning when the hamster runs in the globe logo. Man, they know how to do things correctly in the Netherlands!

Now I really, really need to go to the Netherlands... who wants to come with me?!!?!?

Wodent Wheel No More

Dear Jessica,

In the future, please refrain from giving nice, fancy Wodent Wheels to gerbils. Doing that is colossally stupid, see, because gerbils love to eat and chew and chew and munch and eat and bite and nibble. And now Ice Tea has completely destroyed his Wodent Wheel.
Now you will have to buy a new one, and it will have to be made of kryptonite to that poor little Ice Tea won't eat it.

New York Hamster House

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy Hamster Birthday to ME!

This doesn't really qualify as hamster news, but oh well... today I am thirty!

Thirty, with (I think) thirteen hamsters and gerbils. Maybe 15.

That is much better than last year, when I was 29 with 40 hamsters.

And now, for no reason other than it's my birthday and I can do WHATEVER I want.... here's a super cute pic of Cale Hoeflicker :)

Happy birthday to hamsters, and happy birthday to me!