Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The New York Hamster House is even more famous now :)

First, we wowed the US (New York Times, Wall Street Journal). Then, the Netherlands (Ude Og Hjemme). Then, through Telemundo, the entire Spanish-speaking world!

And now I am happy to announce that the New York Hamster House is *adorably* featured in this month's issue of Casa Brutus, Japan's most widely-read architecture and design magazine. We are featured in their life/pet section. See?

I have very fond memories of Japan. I spent around a month there in the spring of 2002, visiting my friend Meghan (Megu-San), who was teaching English there as part of the JET program. Meghan showed me around Kanazawa, where she taught, and also took me to Tokyo and Hiroshima, among other places. I had an AWESOME time. And I learned to count to ten in Japanese. Ichi ni san chi go roku nana hachi ku ju! (I apologize in advance for the awful spelling)
I also fell in love with Afro-Ken and Miffy in Japan. So cute!

Anyway, thanks to dgi for the promotion... and for helping me and the hamsters (and gerbils) of the New York Hamster House spread the word about pet adoption and shelters.

Lastly, welcome to any Japanese readers who made their way to this site! Dozu yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

PS Yes, that is me down there in the "Mother's Data" section. Thank you, Gion, for taking such a totally cute picture of me :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Claudie, the Hamster Whisperer

I think I've mentioned Claudie, the Hamster Whisperer, before... she takes unruly, biting hamsters and does magical things to them and they end up being sweet little monkeys who love to be held. She seriously has amazing patience and kindness for these little guys.

Well, anyway, here's a stealth picture of Claudie with Strawberry. Strawberry was a somewhat unfriendly hamster who went upstate to live with Claudie, and has now blossomed into a sweet, lovable munchkin who is ready for love :)

Hooray for happy endings!

And hooray for Claudie!

Monday, May 07, 2007


FOUR hamsters running in a wheel at the same time?


Ahh, isn't the Fam so cute?!!?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beth's Hammies

Beth adopted two hamsters--Pancho and Benjamin (formerly known as Lyndon)--from the NYHH awhile back, and has just sent me some super cute pics of the two of them. Without further ado...

Mr. Cute (aka Benjamin)

Super Pancho (above and below)
I really do love hearing back from people who have adopted hamsters (and mice and gerbils) from the New York Hamster House... so, send pictures, all you adopters out there! Or adorable stories. Hamster news, in other words. Gimme gimme gimme!

And, please check out the sad, but triumphant story of WALLY, our newest NYHH resident. He's healing and is nearly ready for adoption, folks!