Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I'm a Calendar Girl!!!!

Cute Overload has a 2009 calendar out, and guess who is featured on Monday, August 17th? 

None other than Whale, Killer, and Sinead, from their infamous "nude remote control" session... photographed by yours truly, of course! Take a gander: 

I love that while I had no control over what the caption said, it has the little munchkins arguing over three shows that I actually watch :) At least they weren't flipping back and forth between Fox News and some reality show.... That's right, the New York Hamster House residents are a classy bunch! 

You should probably buy some of these calendars, if you are the calendar type. They are available, like, everywhere... buy.com, amazon.com, calendars.com, etc., and they really are ridiculously cute. So cute, I already ate January, just so I could stop staring at how cute it was. Ouch. 

Or better yet, buy a bunch of calendars, and then send a donation to the Hamster House when you see what great advice I gave you! Ta-dum! 

Ok, now to bed. 



At 2:23 PM, Blogger ashmoe said...

That's great!! I need to get one ASAP!


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