Monday, August 20, 2007

"The Cute Show" Hamster House episode airs!

The New York Hamster House is featured in the current episode of "The Cute Show," which you can watch online!

Ignore the unfortunate hair-stylings of ME, and instead concentrate on the ridiculously cute hamsters! Watch as they climb, eat, nibble, chew, chew, eat, bite, nibble, and run.

Here's the SHOW.

And here's "The Cute Show" BLOG, with some background on the show and episode.

It was totally a pleasure to work with Amy from "The Cute Show," and her adorable camera man (I forget his name, but he totally rocked, too!). You guys should really watch some of the back episodes, too... they have ones on Whole Foods' cupcakes, kittens, and hedgehogs. You can also sign up to watch future episodes, too.

Hooray for "The Cute Show," and hooray for my hamsters for putting on a very cute show :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Ham-burger, anyone?

Just because the New York Hamster House is vegetarian doesn't mean we don't like ham-burgers!

Susan, who has adopted MANY hamsters from the NYHH, sent me this awesome photo a couple of weeks ago. I may have to borrow this idea for the Hamster House holiday card... Too cute!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

So Graceful!

Remember Grace, the super awesome angel for the New York Hamster House who periodically sends generous donations of money and snacks and things for the little guys. She really is the best :)

Anyway, she recently sent two gifts--a lovely donation, as well as the fabulous gifts below... three wonderful photos of her hamsters, two of whom she adopted from the New York Hamster House!

Feast upon the cuteness....

BB & Gorilla laze on the wheel, while Meatball investigates

more ridiculous snorgling on the wheel

we think this is Miss 'Rilla in the log


PS I swear I am going to update the website this weekend :)