Monday, September 25, 2006

Doctor Update

Sinead: Has an adrenal problem, probably Cushing's. Dr. Pilny is going to investigate putting her on the meds for Cushing's, and if they make her better, we'll know that was the problem with her health. If not, it's some kind of hormonal problem which probably can't be treated. She also has some problems with losing the elasticity in her skin, which is why it is bagging and drooping all over her body. Dr. Pilny pointed out that due to her hair loss, it looks like she has a mohawk down her butt :) She's still active, eating, and happy, though. About 31 grams.

Killer: Cancer of the mammary glands. She's got a HUGE tumor that is very red, almost purple, and I do *not* like to look at it. Another nipple seems to have opened up, some sort of rupture, but has healed over. She is, like Sinead, happy, and active, so we're just going to wait and see how it progresses. I'm worried about the tumor, cause it hangs, but we're going to let her enjoy her life and when it seems to be too much, I'll (very regretfully!) have her put down. She may be sick, but she's 52 grams. But about 8 of it is the tumor (!!!).

One Eyed Willy: Dr. Pilny thinks that Willy may have some conjunctive-eye issue. It's interesting, cause although the skin all around her left eye is really swollen and irritated, her actual eyeball is fine. Her lower eyelid is so swollen that it's turned outside a bit. It's hard to tell what it is from, since I don't know how she was treated as a baby. But, I'm giving her saline, visine and ciprofloxacin, and will monitor how it goes. We think with that treatment, she will improve. This one is 34 grams of CUTE.

I only have pictures of Sinead with me at work, so here's another one of her. Note that though she is skinny and her fur is uneven and thinning, she is still absolutely adorable in her own hamster way :)


At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Jody said...

Sinead is looking pretty damn adorable for a sick hamster. In that second picture she looks like grey cotton with eyes.


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