Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hamsters Heart Laren

Wow! Crazy town! Not only is there someone else in Manhattan who was so taken by a mouse on the street that she brought the little munchkin home... but that someone else just mentioned the New York Hamster House in her column for the New York Observer.

Laren, the author, rescued a mouse in Manhattan, just like I did three years ago. I was walking down Houston and saw a small injured mouse scampering around on the sidewalk. I walked into the Film Forum, asked for a tub of popcorn minus the popcorn, and brought the little mouse ("Houston the Mouston") home. She survived one or two days on milk and bread, and then died (which was sad, but at least the rest of her short life was warm, cuddly, and safe.

In Laren's case, she was walking on West 10th and saw the cutester and just had to bring him home. There, she pondered her options. As she writes:

Plan A: Hamster House in Inwood, run by a young, saintly woman who rescues those oft-tossed little rodents. I could make two donations: one financial, one fuzzy. But when I saw Carmen—tiny white ring around her pink nose—carefully ejecting a piece of poop from her log house, I had second thoughts. Would Hamster House appreciate her excellent hygiene? Would they feed her fresh corn, and almonds and the occasional raspberry?

Elsewhere in the article, Laren writes "Maybe the true measure of a person’s humanity lies in the way they treat small creatures." Three cheers for Laren!


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