Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hamster Invasion!

Wow, I got in like a billion new hamsters this past weekend. But I also adopted a bunch out, so the net change wasn't so great.

I got a family in of a mom and her three kids. At the moment, Mom and one kid each live alone, and two kids live together. You can read their stories on the NYHH website, but here are some pics:

Meet Cera, who only has three legs!

Meet the very cute Foxy Brown!

Meet Moo Cow!

Meet their Mom, Bunnicula!

And if that wasn't enough, I got TWO gerbils, too!

Meet Vanilla and Chocolate!

I've got some people coming by tomorrow to adopt, and maybe next week too. Things have been VERY busy here... so thanks for spreading the word, guys :)


Oh, and here's a cute story: I gave Cera and Foxy Brown a cracker the other day, and the next morning I found both of them asleep under the cracker. So cute!


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