Thursday, July 13, 2006

Status Quo

Things are holding pretty steady at the NYHH. I've got some new guys coming in soon, supposedly... and some people have said they want to adopt, but haven't yet.

There's just not so much to report--which is probably good :)

Keep checking the site, though, and the blog. If all goes as planned, I should be getting between three and four new syrian hamsters this weekend, and there will be pics on the way.

At Petco on Tuesday, I met a really cool mom and her beautiful son (who happens to be devlopmentally disabled). He was entranced by the hamsters, and seemed to really connect to them in a meaningful, positive way. It got me to thinking... someday, I would like to see if I can hook up with a therpist or hospital to use the hamsters at the NYHH with autistic/disabled/abused children.

I mean, there are so many children who could really benefit from having a chance to explore and play and cuddle with animals. And some of the hamsters are so tame and cuddly and sweet, and I've got the hamster playground and I'm good with kids....

This would all be dependent on becoming a non-profit, I think. I mean, otherwise it's just some crazy adult wanting to lure kids into some apartment. But... it's something that excites me and makes me feel like I could do even more with this part of my life than I had thought.

Anyway, stay in touch!


At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a super idea. Probably not the dwarfs, they are not so cuddly (though you know I am partial to them), but calm Syrians? I would vote oui.
Anyway, happy Bastille Day to all the Frenchies over at nyhh.


At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea. Pets are very calming. They have pet therapy every week at my grandfather's rehab place (and they did at the hospital, too), mostly with dogs, I think, but hamsters would work, too.

~ms. r

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was driving along today and I saw two moving trucks, guess what, It was Wilhelm’s Moving and Storage, can you imagine, a less common name on a moving truck than that….I better come get Beatrix soon, maybe it was a sign ;)


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