Thursday, June 15, 2006

Math, Schmath.

Here's the math proof:

THIRTY ONE hamsters,


PLUS ONE fluffy syrian

PLUS ONE sleek, blonde hamster

MINUS ONE Marie Antoinette



All of that action, excitement, cages, transferring--and all in the span of thirteen hours. And I still have thirty one hamsters?!!?!!? Stupid math.

See, last night, a friend of the boy who adopted Josephine came by and adopted Baby Mama. I showed his new mommy how he had his picture in the New York Times, and she was very impressed. Then, this morning, two separate people came by to drop off hamsters, one at 8:35 and one at 8:45. The first hamster is very fluffy and pretty, and kind of light brown and white. The second looks very similar to Baby Mama. Then, on the way from the subway to my office, I stopped by Europan on 8th and 43rd to drop off Marie Antoinette to a boy from Brooklyn.

I'll try and pop up pics and bios tonight of the new guys. Stay tuned!


At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Hoboken Hamster Hag said...

Oh my God, Baby Mama's gone? NOOOO! I will miss that silly face. Well, I hope his new owner lets him play in a wine glass.

Um, hi, you do not have 31 hamsters. You have a bunch of hamsters AND gerbils. I mean, we need to make the gerbils feel included, you know? Otherwise they might revolt and chew up all the wheels. And your bed.

Today Larry Rhodes and Janet were talking about a dancer named - I am not kidding - Freddy Franklin. I almost cried.


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