Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thing One and Thing Two

Thing One, dear readers, is that we now have HAMSTER TV.

That's right. Courtesy of my dear friend Steve at Magnify Networks, we have a web channel devoted solely to hamster videos. Look over to your right -- both the Hamster TV link and the picture take you to the site. I've uploaded three videos so far: one of Michael Bloomberg, one of the French Ladies, and the cutest one EVER of the new hamster babies. You won't believe how tiny and cute they are! Promise me you'll watch it, ok?

Thing Two,
darlings, is that I got a crapload of new gerbils today--a daddy, a grown-up son, a mommy, and her six (I think) newborn babies. They are SO young and small, they look like little newts or something.

Here is one baby, so you can see how small they are:

Here are ALL of the babies. I count two beige and four black, but who knows:

Give or take a few, I have around 25 animals in the NYHH now. Yikes.

Um. Anyone want to adopt a hamster or gerbil?


At 12:53 PM, Anonymous webmistress_me said...

Sorry for disappearing, I got lost in Scotland (never backpack whilst drunk on peat-flavored whisky)

I have names, namesnamesnames, for lovely squeaky furballs. But I'm not real good wth names so feel free to never use them at all.

penfold (homage to dangermouse,the bestest british cartoon)
James I, II, III, IV...
sandwell & dudley

I have more. but, they're e'en worse... luv ya! congrats on the growing fam!


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