Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cleaning and Dancing

I've got guests coming over tomorrow night to adopt some hammies, and to take tours of the NYHH (hi Alan!), so tonight I am bopping around to loud (mostly bad) pop music and cleaning the cages. To be honest, cleaning the hamster and gerbil cages has become a seven day a week job... but tonight I will straighten them all up, and clean about a third of them. Argh.

I also got a very sweet donation in the mail today from a gal who thinks the NYHH is pretty cool. Thanks, Erica!

Lastly, I separated Belle's baby gerbils this past week. One boy and five girls, I think. But I'm having my entymologist friend double check my work tonight on the girls. Just in case. It can't hurt!

Ok, back to cleaning....


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