Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Photo Parade

Ask and ye shall receive!

I hereby bring forth a DELUGE of cute.

On a scale of Cuteitude, these two new hamsters are the cute equivalent of a super, super intense salt and vinegar potato chip. We're talking mouth-puckering cutness here, people. CAUTION, ok? Be careful.

Introducing... One Eyed Willy!

And super stud Cale Hoeflicker!

Here are Mike and Ike, who left the NYHH for a class of second graders in Astoria.

Mike and Ike are probably busy right now, doing homework and eating vegetables. You know, when I was little, I kind of *loved* doing homework. I kind of rocked homework. My second grade teacher was Mrs. White. Also, that year this girl stole my Barbie from my lunchbox.

PS The pictures of Willy and Cale are super-high res. Click to enlarge them--so crisp! So clear! So whiskers! Dare I say that these pics might even be worthy of... cute overload? I can only dream.


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