Monday, September 04, 2006

Adoption = Awesomedoption

Today two friends and roommates came to the NYHH today to see about an adoption. And who did they end up taking home? Simon, Garfunkel, AND Dotty. Holy crap! The two girls, Grace and Wendy, were so sweet, and they played with the little cuties until they knew exactly who they wanted. Wendy took Simon and Garfunkel, and Grace had a very hard time deciding between the plucky runner Bunnicula and they plump, calm Dotty. She ended up taking Dotty.

And why am I telling you guys this?

Becuase it just makes me SO happy to know that those two gals are going to give those hamsters such a good life. They are going to be HAPPY--all of them. And that is kind of the best part of the NYHH. I've had 75 hamsters over the course of the past year, and while I've loved them all and treated them all well, I can't possibly give them each the love that they eventually get at their forever homes. I get such a thrill placing the hamsters and gerbils with their new families. So, thanks to you all for making it possible for me to be a matchmaker for these deserving, homeless bundles of CUTE!!!!

A glimpse of the gerbils and Dotty on their way out....

Auf Wiedersehen, Simon und Garfunkel!
Bis spaeter, Dotty!


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