Sunday, October 08, 2006

New York Lonely House :(

Wow. Since Thursday, we've adopted out FIVE hamsters. That's got to be a record--five in four days!

We're a little lonely here these days at the Hamster House. It's just me, Sinead and Killer (who are both still so sick), Gingerbread (the largest hamster EVER), Moki (who is set to star in a student film at NYU next month)... the only adoptable hamsters are Inigo Montoya and Cale Hoeflicker, our hamster of the month.

Here's some eye candy:

Moki the Monkey :)

The Gorgeous Ginger!

However, we shan't be lonely for long. We've got FOUR new syrian hamsters coming in tomorrow. They were all rescued from someplace in upstate New York, and are being delivered to the NYHH tomorrow by a friend and supporter, Claudie.

So please, check for updates tomorrow to see the the Fab Four!

I'm off to watch Moki jungle-gym across the top of her cage and run on the top of her wheel. She's quite the gymnast, kids!


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