Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lily Allen, Baby London, and Baby Barcelona

It doesn't surprise me that not all of Lily's babies survived. After all, they were left alone to fend for themselves at the pet store, and were only reuinted with their mom after hamster rescuers intervened.

Still, I'm sad to report that as of Sunday, Lily had three babies left, and now she has only two. They are both incredibly adorable, and are growing strong and independent. But Mama Lily is still queen of the nest and is caring for them all the time.

Here's a pic of Lily Allen:

Here is Baby Barcelona:

And here is Baby London:

My best guess is that these guys are about 12 days old. They are named after the two cities I'm visiting soon with my best friend Britt (I named a hamster after her, too!). I've been giving these munchkins veggies and seeds and tofu, and soon enough Lily will be ready to say goodbye to her adorable kidlets.


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