Monday, October 23, 2006

Baby Boom

Wow. I took in fifteen (I think) hamsters this weekend.

Just think about that for a minute.


See, these rescuers from Westchester and CT found a cage at a Petco that had squirming, days-old babies in it and no mom. No mom = no food, no drink, no warmth. These babies were going to die. So they searched the Petco, found a lone lady hamster roaming around, and decided to hope that she was the mama and put her in with the babies. Then they rescued ALL of them from the store. The babies appear to be just days old--eyes still closed, look like newts, lots of squirming.

(If you are counting, that is Mama + 6-8 babies = 7-9 hamsters)

Then Claudie, the hamster whisperer, drove all of those hamsters down from CT to me, along with a mama dwarf, her five babies, and the daddy. The babies seem to be 14-20 days old, though I'm not sure on that. In the coming weeks, I will need to sex them and separate them once they hit 3-4 weeks old. The bad news is that the dad and mom were in the cage together, which means the mom could be pregnant again right now. Fun!

(Still counting? Mama + Daddy + 5 babies = 7 hamsters)

Total = 14-16 hamsters.

I didn't have time to update the site last night with pictures of the new hamsters and with the news that Cale Hoeflicker has found a home with an amazing, caring woman and I am so happy for him. I'll try to do all that tonight.

In the meantime, here are pictures to whet your appetite.

First, the Syrian Mama and Babies:

The Mama

The Babies

Mama Nursing a Baby

The Dwarf Mama and Babies:

Me and a Dwarf

Two Dwarfs Cuddling and Napping

Cutest Dwarf Ever (with Poop)

The Dwarf Mama


At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Brandee LaCava said...

Jess and Claudie, thank you for all your hard work, your big hearts, and for being there for not just the hamsters, but for us too in our time of need! Claudie, you are the bestest Hamster Transporter EVER! You guys are the best, and I am so grateful you are there to help some of our smallest furry friends in need!

Brandee LaCava - VP Hop-A-Long Hollow

At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got a boatload of hamsters. But exceptionally cute hamsters! I'm looking forward to see what those Syrian babies turn into. (Or maybe I shouldn't look...)
Ellen in NYC

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of hamsters, I wish I could take in more to help...they are absolutely adorable, nothing cuter than hamsters especially little hamsters-would love to try to come in and bring in another donation and maybe play with the hamsters a bit in the next month or so...ronni


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